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Gig 6 Old Ironsides Sacramento

Tonight was not too bad. There were actually a couple of people in the room that knew our stuff and enjoyed the set. You dont need to know anything about the other bands on the bill.

Sorry this entry is so short, I just dont have anything new to say. I am enjoying my self over here despite what you read. Its basically exactly like it was when we first started out in Australia. Wed get a heap of gigs and most of them would be dodgy, real dodgy. Then sometimes youd stumble on a good band and try and play with them next time. Its a little tough because weve been spoiled by our success (if you could call it that) in Australia but weve always known it would be a hard slog out here. Personally, Im sick to death of playing with awful rap-rock-funk-metal fusion bands and there are thousands of them around. It wouldnt matter if the room was empty if we could be booked with half decent bands on the night. That would help to make this long tour a lot easier.



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