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Gig 5 – Cocodrie Hotel – San Francisco

We all went our separate ways in San Fran for the day… I wandered around the city, from Nob Hill to Union Square and downtown Chinatown, from Fisherman’s Wharf to Castro St and all the way up Haight… I did a hell of a lot of walking today. I’m in love with this million footed city and her always soft grey sky.

We got to the Cocodrie at 7pm only to find out that there were 6 bands on the bill and we weren’t gonna be on until 12:30am… so we sat around and waited and waited… I won’t go into the lovely mixture of bands on the ridiculously over sized bill tonight, cause I have NOTHING nice to say.

All 5 other bands played over time so when we got on it was, (beside being a Monday night), 2:30am. There were about 10 people in the large room when we started, and after a very strange, real life, rap dancing competition to the tune of Give up the Ghost the crowd thinned out to a whopping 1 person. So there was 1 guy out the front watching us…oh and the bar guy…

If there could be a sound to sum up tonight, it would be the sound you hear on Sale of the Century when someone answers a question wrongly.



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