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Gig 4 – The Coconut Teaser – Sunset Strip – Hollywood

I sat around all day and watched Richo build back seats for our old van. That’s right, from wood, metal, nuts and bolts and from the ground up Richo somehow built back seats for ‘Betsy’(that’s her name). It was a side of Richo I’d never seen before, a new side, a side that not even Richard himself knew he had in him. He was a carpenter, a carpet layer, a hammering guy, a wood glue and nails type of person, a hardware buff even. He had a pencil in his ear and a tape measure in his pocket. I have photo’s you’ll love, they’ll go up when I get back… Also to further his adventurous building efforts Richo decided to build a bed in the back above the gear!!! I know It sounds crazy, but I have the photo’s to prove it. What a guy eh?

So the club tonight was in the middle of west Hollywood on the famous Sunset strip. We were on at 11:30pm so I kinda knew it would be a quiet one. And a quiet one it was. The band before us… (I know I always do this)... the band before us were a Glam metal band with big hair and even bigger guitar solo’s. The lead guitarist had a pointy guitar strapped on AND a nylon string guitar on a stand high enough for him to play BOTH AT THE SAME TIME, it was both strange and unsettling to see this huge greek neanderthal finger tapping a nylon string with his right hand and lead breaking on his pointy axe with the other hand… Impossible you say? Tell him that!

So we had the late shift tonight. And finally after 3 dodgy gigs, this one tonight was actually good. The sound on stage at this place was huge, way bigger than the room needed, but that’s Hollywood. Everything here seems way bigger than it needs to be. They have an advertisement just down the road that takes up the side of a WHOLE 20 story building. And do you know what that sign is for… cheese of course. Wesley Crusher would be impressed let me tell you. So yeah the PA was big and loud which we always like and apart from a tiny stuff up in Maps… the set was victorious… we finally conquered a set, with no stuff ups, no power shortages, and no strings breaking. We even had our name out the front in lights, and it was spelt right…



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