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Gig Two – The Press Club – Sacramento

Frisco was great, by far the best city I’ve been to. A huge grey harbor just like Sydney in winter, and 2 big bridges, the Oakland Bay Bridge, and of course the Golden Gate… with great old streets at 85 degree angles, and crazy eyed bums everywhere, talking to street signs or growling to whoever walks by. Richo and I spend a couple of hours in a bar on… get this… Jack Kerouac Street, in uptown San Fran. I’m in love with this city and vow to return as soon as possible.

We drive to Sacramento and search for a drum shop so Richo can hire the gear we left back in Riverside. We get lost, and after some time pull up outside the Press Club. There is a big sign out the front of the bar that reads (…and although this is funny, it’s no joke…) : TONIGHT: BLUE BOTTOM KISS!!! We all laugh as someone laughs when he or she is being made fun of, a kind of nervous laugh. So we load in and the booker isn’t in yet. There are posters up in the small club that clearly have Bluebottle Kiss on them, but the flyers for the gig near the door have our new pseudonym: Blue Bottom Kiss on them… Maybe the booker did it to be funny. Anyway we have a beer and kill time. There is no sight seeing to do ‘cause Sacramento is ugly.

The first band on the bill was a funny punk band from Chico called: Hit by a Semi… the name is even funnier when you realize the bass player has actually been hit by a semi trailer and survived… They give out free energy drinks called: Whoop Ass; it’s four times stronger than Red Bull… ‘Be carefull’ the bassplayer says ‘if you have more than 3 you’ll shit your pants’ They finish with a song called touch my wiener or something…

There are about 5-6 people in the room when we go on.

Those of you who are familiar with my tour diaries may remember a certain tour to Queensland. In this tour diary I wrote of the worst show in bbk history… Well my dear readers, tonight, BY FAR, was the new worst show in bbk history... It’s hard to explain… I don’t know what happened… I remember Richo telling me to stop watching the TV off to the side of the stage, that’s how bored I was, I remember Jamie breaking a string, then breaking another string. Then his borrowed guitar stopped working, We played four and a half songs, then for the first time ever we cut the set short and went home. Awful!

The band after us was a death metal band called blood and guts or something... I don’t know... I didn’t care…


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