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November 2004: US/UK Come Across Tour 2004 - US & UK - Jamie Hutchings

So...we played salt lake city, little cafe attached to a record store.

Free food and coffee, two acoustic acts in support so by the time we get on we expect everyone to be reaching for ear muffs but they're nice. a girl in the support band offers to lend us her house, we get there and a party we can't escape has started with one drunk patron insisting on how his dog committed suicide. eventually sleep. eat decent food at a donation only cafe. drive to nebraska everywhere is closed we eat pizza down bear and channel flick. omaha is a tiny venue, we play at 11.30 pm on a monday night on the floor so it's quiet but ok. three ladies have driven from iowa to see us, they bought our c.d in switzerland, we're baffled. more kind people lend us floor. we go to columbia. the venue is really big, we have a monitor and front of house guy. we're weirded out and discover we're supporting an mtv flogged new metal band and it's all ages. it's packed and we have fun being an arena rock band the kids are confused but are we.

Pick up Erin and Fi in chicago, have a brief honeymoon, play in Buffalo. the house blues band are on first, they all remind me of my dad. we play to around 15 people, Dale a friend of Nicks(non zero) grabs the cds of erin and hawks 4 of them, we want to take him on tour. he also lets us stay at his beautiful house and cooks us breakfast, and tells us how great we are. our egos undergo healing.

Nick is already halfway there when we meet him at the delancey in nyc. we soundcheck two songs and him and his friends start clapping, is that it? funny. show is ok.

get lost in nyc on sunday chasing erin around vintage stores, play a crap gig at the luna lounge, a girl has come from cleveland, the sounds guy is annoying the gig sucks.

We drive to virginia and play at a cafe called galaxy hut. it's so small we don't know how we do it but we tone down and get a really good response sell lots of c.ds. the owner Alice lets us stay at her house and entertains us with stories of |Nick Cave playing a haunted piano in her old share house all night and Godspeed You black emperor playing at the galaxy hut and blowing the circuitry four times, i can't imagine them fitting in there..

we eat grits which turn our to be like porridge we always imagined they'd be pig fat. play the velvet lounge in d.c tiny venue good show get a recording of it. drive overnight to philadelphia, eat a philadelphia cheese steak hoagie, it's the worst peace of food i've ever sampled.

we play a cool venue with a cool band called mad action. the crowd are totally disinterested, one of those times we're the dots just don't connect and you really wonder if you're any good, wonder around. it's thanksgiving eave and girls in tiny skirts are falling over crying's ugly.

drive during thanksgiving, get to athens. erin finds paradise in a junk store, groundsey buys a hunting cap and looks very genteel. play a club called the caledonia, a sleepy show. go to atlanta play at with magnapop, not bad, stuff breaks but we have an ok time. i've bought lots of cds, john lennon plastic ono band, ornette coleman,sun ra,13th floor elevators lots of stuff to absorb and cheap.

monday we try to sell our stuff, jared our negotiator manages to make his money back on his kit, we ship our stuff back after much mucking about ,get to the airport discover our flight is cancelled, get another flight and watch spiderman 2. i remember why he was my childhood hero, the soundtrack features 'raindrops keep falling on my head'. we covered that song way back.

uk play betsy trotwood, it's a loungeroom, we get stiffed. next night is the windmill, good turnout, make money play agro show because things are winding on and breaking. nice people though, get invited to play in norway at a guy called nathans wedding, i wonder if he'll remember.


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