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November 2004: US Come Across Tour 2004 - West Coast and Northern US - Jamie Hutchings

First 4-5 days were flying, driving, got two nights sleep. Stayed at some very nice atlanta peoples house,loads of amorous pets but Groundsey and I get some serious zzzz. Get to Tucson, meet Andy who is helping us, very nice and open like a book. We play at Plush, I ask the audience how it is , they say "not bad,pretty good" i say " i was hoping for better than that" they say "get used to it". We go to a huge graveyard of a music store, very Kafkaesue, 3 floors of junk,expensive employees disappear up huge ladders and never come back, Jared buys a drum kit after 3 hours haggling as the one we borrowed/hired is barely there.

We play at Flash Gallery, it's a co-op/artspace squat through a vocal p.a it's primitive and Groundsey blows his amp up. We head next door to another 'gallery' which has some couches to crash on. We're one couch short but there is a conceptual installation on and a bed is part of it. We know it's disrespectful but Jared needs somewhere to sleep , Andy vaguely permits us and when Jared sits on the conceptual bed it breaks in half.

We drive to L.A, play at a place called 'the scene' in Glendale. Zak works there, we haven't seen him in four years, he's put us on an old school punk bill but it's pretty packed and people like us, we have no c.ds to flog but people enlist. Next night we play spaceland, the headline act are on sub pop and they're called Frausdots, the lady on keyboards had the most obnoxious mullet we've seen, it's very post 80's ironic and cool but we all know she's gonna burn her photo albums in ten years. we meet a friend of a friend called Bobby who is extra hospitable, every person we stay with is really nice but they are always surrounded by crisis, we stay our of the way but he goes above and beyond the call.

We drive to San Francisco, we all have collective heart attacks getting lost and trying to drive the widest van in the world through the narrowist streets in the world. We play the Hemlock Tavern, is incredibly small but that's good. We're opening for Fields of Gaffney, Eric Gaffneys band. He was one third of Sebadoh and wrote all the pycho songs on 'Bubble and Scrape' i grill him for with Sebadoh and Dinosaur jr stories. He is gracious. When we walk into the venue 3/4 of Augie March have turned up to pay their respects, it's nice to see them, they're having a good time and we bond over our bad food experiences. Glenn is still reeling from meeting the lead guitarist in Queensryche, a band who helped him through his country victoria youth. Then as I'm setting up Flynn from Cog turns up , they're here recording too, they're old school mates of mine and before long we've got a little cheersquad. The girl behind the bar offers her basement and we get four hrs sleep and drive to portland.

Alex from our label turns up and shouts us dinner at a thai restaurant, the owner is extremely fruity and blows around the table like a fly. We play the show and my amp blows up. i have bought a really beautiful vintage gibson amp so it's a stress, next day we find it's just a fuse. Drive to seattle, meet Jack Endino at the gig we swap old stories from f.o.g days we also meet two official amercian fans who have bought all our stuff over the net. Before we get on stage i accidently destroy the bathroom. All of us have done this so far except for Ross but this is the worst , i try to become an instant plumber but before long the toilet has turned into a burst fire hydrant and i go running to the bar to do my duty to report it anonymously. We have a great show and the soundman buys a c.d. We go back to Jeremy(one of the american fans)furniture store and talk about australian music. He's the second guy i've met who's a fan of Glide, i met one at the silver lake lounge who i had to break the news to of their demise and William's death we dedicate a song to his memory. Drive straight overnight to salt lake city.


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