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Gig Twelve - SJ's - Newcastle

After a week of sitting around staring at walls and making faces at TVs we were off again. All packed in to the Tarago hire van, in the front was Richo and I, the middle row of seats was Jaime and Wesley (guitar Tech and on tour head masseuse) in the back we had Jarred 'Merch' Bertram and Jordan (our Mixer extrodinare) with all the gear in a trailer packed by the always pliable Wesley Crusher. Six in an eight seater no worries. Newcastle, our destination. Wednesday in Newwy, not a problem we all said, eyeing each other nervously. The rain following us up from always grey Melbourne. S.J's reminded me of a night club from an eighties cop show (Chips??). With blue iridescent lights and glowing pictures on the wall of naked women.

The first band on tonight was a local one called 'Linemen 10', they were a all girl band and played (apart from their own songs) two P.J Harvey songs in a row. It was sooo good to see Art of Fighting again. Their sound caressing my ears into sweet oblivion to what was happening around me.

The crowd tonight were alright I don't know exactly how many payers (I never do, that's Richo's job). I could tell you the set list, BUT, I have left it at the hotel (I have left all the damn set lists at the hotel (my mind has a hole in it)). So there’s not much to say about the gig, there was an encore, there was shouting and crazy out of time dancing, there was red wine, plenty of it.

We stayed at a dodgy backpackers, and Wesley snored the night down the drain.



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