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August 17th-20th: A Little Bit of Light Tour Leg 2: ACT and NSW - Ben Grounds

17th August 2005, Canberra ANU Bar

We rely on our own cars for this leg…it’s making me nervous. Last time we drove to Canberra Jamie blew out a tyre, and this time he tells me the car’s running only on 3 cylinders…Ross, too in uncertain…On the way back he gets pulled over by a policeman in rural Southern Highlands. The law asks, with much doubt:” Is this car registered?” then with disbelief: “Sir, have you got a license?”

The stage is makeshift, but we go better then often in Canberra, have a good time and get a kick out of watching the Happy Hate Me Nots play first. Jamie has borrowed an amp and blows it up before the end of the first song. Disappointed, he is forced to borrow Matt’s Vox Ac30. Which is a little bit like crashing your Datsun 180B and having to drive around in your mate’s Audi A4.

It’s cold in Canberra: ice on the windscreen. We warm up in our luxury accommodation and before we get to gamble for the good beds, Ross has fallen asleep.

18th August 2005, Wollongong, Oxford Tavern

This turned out to be a really good show for us – we could hear everything properly onstage and we played well. There weren’t hundred of people to see us do that, but it was still fun. I spent half the night catching up with everyone, this being what could be called my hometown show. Unlike previous Wollongong shows, though, no calls to “Give Groundsey back!”

19th August 2005, Sydney, Annandale Hotel

We had a very long soundcheck, and anyway it sounded totally different the sound when during the set. We had many technical difficulties – starting when my strap broke during the first song (Dream Audit, which we’ve been opening with lots and we like a lot!). I kept playing and mouthed the words ‘gaffer tape’ to Ant. He gave me a nod, dropped everything and gaffered up the strap, while I kept on playing. Jamie reckons it was very Spinal Tap!

Ross commissioned my paper aeroplane skills whilst Jamie was doing Beautifully Tragic as the first encore, and then flew the 3 feet-long craft to the waiting audience before the next song. I was made to name and sign it later…

20th August 2005, Newcastle, Cambridge Tavern

We begin today with sadness, as it is Karl’s last show with us. He obviously has gotten entirely the wrong impression of us, as he says he thinks we’re nice guys… I’ve quite enjoyed his solo appearances. 

The rider has mysteriously disappeared before we even get on, and just as we’re going on I walk backstage to see Ross with no pants on! Don’t fret ladies, I have photographic evidence which I will sell to one of those trashy gossip mags that are everywhere and will pay me good money.

The show is incredibly noisy but good fun, I trash my guitars to some extent and our most international fan (who has seen us in New York, London, and Newcastle, the 3 pinnacle cities of the world) is standing immediately in front of me, holding up my slide to use in every song. Especially the ones without slide.

After the set we are asked to sign a fan’s shirt, which she hold very tight to her body…and a photographer asks for a quick shoot – we go upstairs and put on our photo shoot personalities – and are promptly asked to get a bit more stupid…well, have you come to the right place! Jamie indulges in the undated vegemite from the undated fridge, and Ross and Jared hamper each other’s attempts at standing.


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