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Bluebottle Kiss - Doubt Seeds
Review by Jason Gramm

There can be little arguing that Sydney’s Bluebottle Kiss are one of the unsung heroes of the recent Australian underground/independent music scene. Over 13 years they have delivered an enviable catalogue of eclectic rock fare that has seen them travel the globe extensively, yet never get the recognition at home that they truly deserve.

On Doubt Seeds - their sixth studio full-length - they have delivered a sprawling double-album that pays homage to the many and varied influences of BBK frontman Jamie Hutchings. They’ve always been musically diverse, but on this collection Bluebottle Kiss cover so much territory it’s almost breathtaking. Fortunately - as the extensive liner notes point out - the collection flows coherently and is neither grandiose nor pretentious (as could easily be the case with such an ambitious blueprint).

Picking a favourite from the 20 tracks is like trying to pick a favourite Simpsons character - nearly impossible because they’ve all got so much to offer in their own way (although if pushed I’ll nominate single ‘The Women Are An Army’ and the evergreen Hans Moleman). This collection touches on many areas of music history but still retains an Australian feel, and is ultimately a document of a band doing it their own way - and doing it bloody well.




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