Rolling Stone

Bluebottle Kiss - Doubt Seeds
Review by Simon Wooldridge

Another double album: from Ben Harper to Tim Freedman, everyone has too much to say and not enough room to say it. So, too, for Bluebottle Kiss songwriter Jamie Hutchings. The recently reconfigured Sydney band doesn't restrict its output to Hutching's sometimes Waitsian musings on │The Weight of the Sea▓ and │The Judas Hands▓. Doubt Seeds speaks through its concept as much as its words; Hutchings takes the intensity he once poured into delivery and redirects it to the form of the album.
Here, the recording style is all-important; an old school live-to-tape approach offers genuine dynamics. And the references here from the clash of Coltrane noise horns and Sonic Youth guitar drone that is │Dream Audit▓ to the rootsy grit of │The Women are an Army▓ hammer home an intentional sense of music history revisited. Over 20 songs, it╣s a demanding journey but those who take it will hear an accomplished artist's most complete album yet. 




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