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Bluebottle Kiss - Doubt Seeds
Review by Emmy Hennings

Bluebottle Kiss hasn’t sounded this energised since 1999's storming Patient. 
While the intervening albums - Revenge Is Slow and Come Across - were both of fine quality, there was a certain studiedness to them which suggested that Bluebottle Kiss were in danger of becoming an Institution: the kind of band that you admire for their tenacity but who fail to thrill you like they once did. Danger averted. 
Doubt Seeds is a blazing, supremely confident record that comes crashing through the proverbial front door, stands atop your kitchen table and declares: "I am HERE, I am LOUD and I am VERY, VERY GOOD." Over two compact (read "concise") discs, Bluebottle Kiss prove that they can pull off everything from swaggering garage rock ('Your Mirror Is A Vulture') to muted, faux-electronica ('Harold Holt'). Refracting a mélange of influences through the skills of prolific songwriter Jamie Hutchings, Doubt Seeds is a very potent form of genre cross pollination.




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