The Age - Melbourne - 23/6/06

Bluebottle Kiss - Doubt Seeds
Review by Andrew Murfett

Outside of its Triple J-friendly constituency, indie-rock quartet Bluebottle Kiss have battled to find the sort of audience they deserve, plugging away in the harbour city for more than a decade.
The band's frontman - and heart and soul - Jamie Hutchings' songwriting remains consistently potent. In particular, 2002's Revenge Is Slow is criminally underrated. Their sixth long player, Doubt Seeds, a 20-track double album, is another convincing, heartfelt collection of songs. It's also ridiculously ambitious. Musically all over the place, its aim was to absorb and articulate Hutchings' expansive taste.
Influences mentioned in the liner notes include Big Star, Midnight Oil, Van Morrison, Joy Division and Slint. Yet the band's own sound, pointedly etched out over five previous albums, is no more apparent than on disc one's A Little Bit of Light. It's here that Hutchings' penchant for evocative lyrics is captured superbly.
Similarly, The Women Are an Army is a sublime slice of country-pop that describes a purely "nocturnal" kind of love.
By nature double albums are self-indulgent beasts, and the art-rock feel of Doubt Seeds is no exception. Still, those with the patience and a healthy attention span will be rewarded.




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