The Rev, Brisbane 11-08-06

Review by Brianna Dalton

Okay so Iím normally a huge Bluebottle Kiss fan, and have been for many moons. But tonightís show at the Rev was a massive letdown. I had extremely high hopes, given the effort put in for this launch of their excellent double album of this year Doubt Seeds Ė a choir, horn section, 13 piece ensemble, etc etc. But both BBK and The Gin Club were let down by the sub-par sound set up and had to endure constant problems with feedback. Hot tip (which I received from a reliable source) Ė if youíre gonna extend the stage beyond the front of house speakers, donít put the microphones right up front! It equals bad bad feedback! Aside from the obvious sound problems, the Gin Club drew a very respectable crowd given how many other gigs were on tonight. They rolled through a collection of old and new songs, with highlights including Gabriel and the beautiful Honey Donít. Iím sure on previous occasions someone has pointed out the similarities to Whiskeytown, but itís deserved so Iíll mention it again for posterity.
Bluebottle Kiss launch into a track-by-track rendition of Doubt Seeds, and while the new material is of course excellent, the constant feedback is enough to drive this reviewer insane. While their new songs pay homage to Jamie Hutchingsí heroes, including masters of feedback Sonic Youth, it also reminds me of their earlier heavier material from Fear Of Girls days. On songs such as Fire Engine, Slight Return, and A Little Bit Of Light the backing singers in particular really added to the mix. Itís a shame, because this show had the potential to be one that may have defined an already illustrious career.




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