Bluebottle Kiss on Tour '99

You asked for it ladies, you wanted it gentlemen, so here it is a full life size (almost) portrait of Wesley Crusher - a thinking man, a man of honour and justice... a dirty SAVAGE!

The Crew. On the left is the now world renown sound engineer\mixer guy: Jordan Brebach. and on the left needing no introduction:... WESLEY CRUSHER guitar tuner\roadie\on tour security\in training rock star...

BBK live at: Heaven's Bar in Adelaide. Bad stage sound, and a room that looks like a bar in an old Clint Eastwood movie.

Me at the snow the day after the gig at Jindabyne. COLD, I love the sign behind me.

The drive from Adelaide to Jindabyne took two days, and being the 'well off' band we are we decided to spend the night in one of Ararat's more luxurious hotels.

Voted number one in the stupidest instruments ever made, followed closely by the seven stringed guitar. I give you: The six string bass.

Richo in Adelaide, playing a full electric drum kit. One day he says, one day...


album compiled and narrated by ben fletcher

The first time I'd seen snow, I was a tad excited, I wish I had pictures of the snow fight we had, but I didn't have time to take any photos as I was always running.




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