Album two

Me at one of the last shows at the Annandale Hotel. It was like an oven in there. Taken during 'Maps to help you lose your way'.

Front cover of Drum Media in Sydney. Taken at Richo's old house in Leichhardt. 1998.

Jack Endino (producer) during the recording of 'Fear of Girls' twiddling knobs. 1996

Jamie's dad recording the horn section for 'Ice on the Road', during the 'Fear of Girls' recording sessions. 1996

Jamie during the recording of 'Fear of Girls'. Every day around five it was "Wine o'clock" 1996.

Jamie playing at the Austral Hotel in Adelaide. 1998.

Jordan our Mixer extraordinare. On tour in 1998 when, in between Ballarat and Bendigo we stopped off at 'Hanging Rock'

The band out back, in the middle of Melbourne and Adelaide. First photo taken with Richo in the band. 1998. I'm showing the guys how to perform: rock move No. 27.

Bluebottle ad, back in 1995 for 'Higher up the Fire Trails'.

Jamie and I playing at the Austral Hotel in Adelaide, 1998.

BbK playing at 'Mojo's' in Perth with Pollyanna. Glen from Pollyanna said he'd give me fifty cents for every song that I play with my mirrored aviators on. We needed the money for our return tickets back home.

Peter Noble (second drummer) during the 'Fear of Girls' recording sessions. January 1996.

Fifty cents for every song I play with my sunny's on. I made $2.50 that night.

Bluebottle Kiss on the front cover of Revolver Magazine in Sydney. They wanted us to be naked, we thought about it for about 1 second before declining politely. May 1999.

Richard Coneliano, drummer, lover, and all round nice guy. At the Austral Hotel in Adelaide. 1998.

Set list from a gig way back in 1994. 'Losers are not Boring' was a song that sounded allot like 'Love is Boring', 'Sleepy Execution' is a song that hasn't seen the light of day for years.

John James's (ex-BbK guitarist) set list for the gig to the right. Notice the last song. 1994

This gig was long ago but in my dusty memory I see an awful night. I just love the name of the band that was head lining that night. We played a ten minute version of a Codeine song called 'Realise' to finish off our set about twenty minutes over time. 1994

I don't even know if I was in the band for this gig back in 1993, at the old Sydney Venue 'Vic on the Park'. 'Raymond' used to be called 'Waiting Room', 'More' was a grunge song, 'stupid girl' was a kind of slow sludge. Beautiful.

This is also from 1993, BbK played at a place called the 'Tom Tom' club in Kings Cross. We used to cover 'Sounds of Silence' from Simon and Garfunkel

Jamie at Bondi Beach Theatre, recording 'Higher up the Fire Trails'. 1996

Bluebottle Kiss, dressing up as their favourite metal band: 'Tryumph'. Some say too real. 1998

Me at the Annandale back in 1997. With Something For Kate.

What better way to finish off our photo album with another 'Tryumph' shot. Maybe it's our real calling, and we just don't know it yet!!!


album compiled and narrated by ben fletcher





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