Album One

First BbK photo shoot, April 1993. Simon Adams at the back and Sian Williams (first BbK bass player). So long ago...

First BbK photo shoot 1993. Sian Williams (first bass player), Simon Adams standing (first drummer).

One of the first gigs I played was in 1993, I borrowed a bass from an old drunk in a pub my friend worked at. Jamie and I had a wrestle on stage at the end of the set and I broke the bass input.

The only shot of BBK as a four piece. Taken sometime in 1994, Simon Adams at the bottom is the first drummer, and to his right is John James the second guitarist.

Jamie in 1994. At some Bluebottle gig, some where.

Taken the same night as the picture to the left.

BbK in 1995, just after recording 'Double Yellow Tarred'. The dapper young'n at the back is Peter Noble the second Bluebottle drummer.

Jamie and I recording the feed back in the middle bit of 'To Think I'd Ever Disappoint You' during the 'Fear of Girls' sessions. January 1996.

Jack Endino (producer) tuning Peter Noble's (second BbK drummer) drum kit during the 'Fear of Girls' sessions.1996

This is one of my favourite shots. It was taken in the Gold Coast, on tour with Screamfeeder and Not From There. Richard was from ABBA, Jamie was from Taxi Driver... I was drunk.

Sydney Homebake 1998. With special guests the 'Lugarno County Horns' playing 'Ice on the Road'.

Sydney Homebake 1998. With the 'Lugarno County Horns' playing along to 'Ice on the Road'.

Bluebottle at one of the last Annandale Hotel (r.i.p.) shows. Just before the encore.

One of the last shows at the Annandale Hotel, 1998.

Hot night!!!! at the Annandale. Jamie had fractured his ankle two days before the show so he had a big white cast on.

A promo shot taken in Jamie's old house by Josh Evans.

Another promo shot taken in Jamie's back yard.

Glenworth Valley, 29th December 1998. Damn hot. I borrowed a cow boy hat for the occasion.

Glenworth Valley, 29th December 1998. backstage. With a very rare site of Jamie drinking a VB.

Glenworth Valley, 29th December 1998. Sound check.

Glenworth Valley, December 1998. Richo sound checking his baby.

Kelly from Screamfeeder, Glen from Violetine and me at Glenworth Valley. The Bass Players Convention!!

Glenworth Valley. Cow-boy hats are coming back in. There was a competition between Jamie and I to see who would take their suit jacket off first... I won.

Glenworth Valley. Taken during 'Familiar'.

Glenworth Valley. I lost my cow-boy hat at the end of the set. It would have been 30 degrees in that tent.


Album compiled and narrated by ben fletcher

North Point Tavern show. Photo taken by Mathew Heath: (the tie supplier, sometimes)




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