you're gonna be on your own soon

You know I was you know I was I was your car to drive in
That was alright It was alright with me
But seasons change seasons change seasons change so easy
To all the vice that cuts so evenly

And if I could if I could you know I'd try to ride it
Dig in deep now just to set you free
But I'm to blame I'm to blame if I try to hide it
Cut out that flame please stifle everything

Because I can't climb above this ladder, I can't penetrate this dream
I'd love to walk across water but I can't wade in past my knees
I've been driven round like Jehu gathering splinters in my eyes
I won't fog up no-ones vision and they'll start to wonder why

Why they're losing me you're on your own
This loss will set you free you'll be alone

And later on and later on you might appreciate this
So bite the bullet while it's near your teeth
Shut your eyes shut your eyes hold on to something solid
This bed of nails is gonna set you free

Because it won't crumble up beneath you leave you hanging by a thread
Listen girl let me beseech you it's my apathy you dread
Every rosy had got it's thorn pricks everybody's got cold hands
Take that load up off your shoulders and please try to understand

Understand that you're gonna be on your own.





design: kirrily walker

painting: chad carey

hosting: allette systems