tap dancing on the titanic

Your own belief system 
Gets turn upon it's head
Upon these cold decks
Because strength can be weakness
When you're so dry that you're dead
When you believe in truth

Don't catch me tapdancing on the Titanic again

Someone will still love you
No matter the fiend you are
If you caught me dancing

Would you feel attraction or repulsion
For that sickness in my soul?
Could you find a golden core?
You can x-ray my heart
Burn it dry till there's nothing left
Does that satisfaction
Really come without this truth?
I was talking to a friend
Who came so close to the end
That he found himself scaling the ship
And climbing back on board
He said he got sick up on those decks
Where the wind got to his head
So he dived into the sea
Said you'll never ever catch me

Tapdancing on the Titanic again 
Tapdancing on the Titanic
(I'd rather take my chances with the cold grey sea)





design: kirrily walker

painting: chad carey

hosting: allette systems