Raymond turn the TV on
It might give you something to do
Keep your shadow safe
You tell me about your dreams at night
All the blackened buildings in the sky
Water quivers on your window sill
Midlife crisis at 21
When you're supposed to have just began
Think I know how you feel
Sometimes I want to lock myself away
When every feeling's just another day
Everything just seems to feel so still

Cause I know you never cried
Doesn't mean nothing
There's plenty times you've tried
You'd do anything

To take you away from this cold dark wasteland
Somewhere near a warmer place
Strange apathy becomes like quicksand
Dead inside

Raymond turn the TV off
It's putting funny ideas in your head
It's time you went to bed
What with your schizophrenic state of mind
They don't understand your kind
It's just too real

Sometimes I feel so dead inside
I don't care about anything
That part of me has died
And it goes 'round again

I might even find out tomorrow
Well I could even find out today
Because I'm not filling cups of sorrow anyway

Because life's just one big waiting room
And the radio plays out of tune
And it doesn't matter what I tell you now anyhow
My heart is going out this time
Sure ain't gonna sink into the lost sublime
Cause man we're running out of time right now

Raymond says he thinks he's dead
But it's only a thought in his head
That won't go away
And I just don't really care
What's the use of embracing despair
When life's just begun





design: kirrily walker

painting: chad carey

hosting: allette systems