running around the white picket fence

Running around the white picket fence
I am scared I値l have the guts to...
The guts to try
Flying nowhere near heaven sent
The rain falls hard but i still stay dry
Why is all that seems, all that
Seem so sweet stay so short
Finally open up and find your soul has been bought

Correspondence not withstanding it took so long to let you in
So I could give you a safe landing

You verged on near obsession you woke me up
I dropped my guard now I知 receiving this mixed blessing
If you could see how far if you could see how I go
In my mind and I won稚 let you I wont let you leave me blind
Drowning by the riverbed
I知 not under ground well but what about you?
Running around so disconnected
I知 so scared by the marks around your breath
But thanks for trying

Watch the ink run from the letter
I値l find a way, decode your mind do your best not to remember
Your head behind the sill now
I am awake, an antidote a fog of breath outside your window from you
From you
It痴 a song with in a song within a song

I知 trying.





design: kirrily walker

painting: chad carey

hosting: allette systems