outside are the dogs

I'm not as scared as I once was
I can cross the street all by my self now
I tend to sever the space that surrounds mine
And I seem to do it all the time now

Could I have a smidgen of you faith?
A strand of hair within a jar to pledge allegiance to you
Keep your dreams hidden behind a shelf
Donít tell no-one or they'll become possessions of somebody else

Guess I'm riding free beneath this moonlight
But this romance with my self is causing me to doubt
Try hard not to step on any pavement cracks
If I was ever there I can't seem to find my way home back

And I'm chained between more than four walls
Walls of my mind and I can't find the code to crack the lock
Not sure if it's me really riding now I'm like a ghost
Ghost of some road that everyone bypasses

And I just get so scared for myself
You can't rely on me or anybody else
Outside are the dogs so who can you trust
When you're scared?
When you're running so scared
When company's like vultures and your room's like some sepulchre
You found out
It weakens your resistance if you keep questioning your existence
So what now?

Open up, open up
There's no need to shut it down
Thaw it, thaw it out
Thaw the ice that's trying to hound you down to the ground

Buses, trains and miles of sheets of rain
Another night and it's alright
A little misadventure
Caught a cab, ran out of change again
It's not that bad, I've just been had, had by myself again





design: kirrily walker

painting: chad carey

hosting: allette systems