It's not over even though it's finally through
Drank the cup awhile till somebody withdrew
Feel the wind cry out as it screams against your face
All that love you drank now you shake with distaste
All the birds will cry are they doing it for you?
Touch the winter sky well it's just it and you
Was the grass that green when you looked at it before?
Where the cliffs that harsh when you opened that door?

It's taking you over it's taking you through
Was the sky always that blue?
Feel the beginning murder the end
Did you need a friend when it's not over now

And it's not over now as you lie down on your back
Hear the cat meow as the clouds all turn black
And the ocean dreams and you think it looks like rain
Just get soaked awhile let it wash out your pain

The water's your lover, the sky is your friend
There never really was an end
Surf down a sand dune, your fates in your hands
Now you understand that it's not over now.





design: kirrily walker

painting: chad carey

hosting: allette systems