maps to help you lose your way

Maps to help you lose your way
No shadowless crag could find you here
With white noise dreams hearts full of dark sleep
It gives me the creeps
When distant cars freeze all uncertainty

If love was a person its flesh would be blue
But your skin is so pale itís almost see through
The lights in the back room whisper like a well
Thatís forever empty and preys never tell

Like a train that canít find its stop
And how do you stop when this lies forever with you?
This face, so near, children come on put something on
Donít drink of dread please
We get so worried about you
With your cold hands and your pallid skin and... 

Sweet dreams to your opaque clouds full of sin drink
Forever your youth is resting wild let it lie
And donít brush your hair because...

In time weíll grow older and lonelier too
I wish I could strengthen this weakness for you
Your stockings need mending with winter unsure
A lonely detention in your dresser drawer





design: kirrily walker

painting: chad carey

hosting: allette systems