immune to love

If you could kill this in your dreams
maybe you could get some sleep
you were deep beneath the night
collecting pocketfuls of sleep and fear

All this reverence you expect
is the reverence you will get
add immunity to love
a flirtation with regret - a modern sacrifice

You were tongue tied in your tracks
did you hear that distant growl?
Did the streetlights call your name?
is there a word left for that sound?
is it sorry? or mystery? or kiss me?
it's a nameless road your at
it's a house alight a distant thundertrack

In the backseat of a car
far beneath the sickle moon
you were counting on a star
to come down and light you up - like a satellite

When you're worn out like a traintrack
when you're worn out by your own design 





design: kirrily walker

painting: chad carey

hosting: allette systems