Waiting for a break that in the end
Kills our false happiness
Please confess you've felt this coming
Baby, time was not our friend
It's just a mender of a smotherer of all bad tidings

And Julie, don't go back to Gangsterland
Cause they don't need you
They need me
And how should I know ?
Did I plan it this way ?
We burnt our future
Still got our past - our past to lean on

Sammy, be there at half-past-ten
It's been a long time coming
I feel so unprepared for his work
And Johnny, I'm here again my friend
You say my eyes grew soft
She was the one I was thinking of

Remember a spring we were reborn
And Julie you told me that shadow's gone
And I should have known
Beneath the rays of sun
Your smile would linger





design: kirrily walker

painting: chad carey

hosting: allette systems