Did we have the same dream?
Left it bleeding by the road
Warped and scratched like forgotten
Records in the sun
Stolen broach in the hands
Of the one you thought you loved
He's painting his number in the sky
You can't see a thing!

And much too lazy to phone us
On forever balmy nights
Flashes from buses to remind us
That there's an outside
If you keep taping broken plans
You'll never ever get it right
Your lips are moving but I can't hear a thing!

If you can help me lose my mind
I'll be grateful until the end of time comes around
And I'll only let you down when I say
"You'll have to get used to this" 

If you ever hear your name
From someone else's lips
Don't ever make a sound
And they'll only let you down when they say to you
"You'll have to get used to this"





design: kirrily walker

painting: chad carey

hosting: allette systems