...aint it great to be young?

One more frozen stilled minute
Where we can chase this night down
Deep beneath this unreserved seat
Cause that's where we dwell
We'll be on out own soon.
Yes I am as we speak
While everybody's home in bed
Lets drain what's left

Cause ain't it great to be alive?
You know we can't do this when we're 35
We're sailing out there golden
As if we are the ones chosen

The sky is on fire and we're stranded in this
My car's broken down and we'll walk til we've finished
We're young, it's only now that I can write

Stupid songs, supposedly for lovers
But love just don't exist were we are now
Slowly turning, like the hands on someone's wristwatch
That dictates time, and time is killing me
Watch this mercy killing and.... 

I am told that I am young
Well at least that's what my mother said
But if you're feeling sad or broken
Wondering if it's just a token

Of the fire that's put out when you're trying to stoke it
A hand that's chopped off 'cause you're trying to smoke it
You're young, and is it so great to be... 

Like a kid blessed with wings but with no where to fly to
Don Juan alone with no girls to say hi to
A train rushing past but with no destination
Like sitting outside with no key

..ain't it great to be young?
When all is said and done
Is it so great to be deemed as...
...ain't it great to be young ?





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painting: chad carey

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