autumn comes too soon

Feel the mode of rushing in
I'm waving not drowning
Sink or swim
Your heart is like a piece of fractured glass I feel
Don't let me crack it further
It's much to real

Come on and get out of my way
There's no sane reason why you'd want to stay
I've run out of things to say it's all a disappointment
Either way

And autumn comes too soon
Before long you'll be sweeping up those leaves inside your room
And that's the same thing you should do
Sweep it under the mat
Where it don't move

And you've know I've got my reasons my honesty ain't treason
So why is it you'd have to ask
My silence is an answer that grows just like a cancer
I have to take off this mask so that I canů

So I can get out of your way
For the same reason you want me to stay
Turn the light off on the way
Or we'll be here forever
Forever and a day





design: kirrily walker

painting: chad carey

hosting: allette systems