fear of girls

1. Claim
2. Helping You Hate Me
3. I'm Wrong and You're Right
4. Now
5. To Think I'd Ever Disappoint You
6. Autumn Comes Too Soon
7. Dragee Fauna
8. Barbed Wire Star
9. Wont Forget
10. Outside Are the Dogs
11. Loaded to the Gills
12. Rust and the Time
13. You're Gonna Be On Your Own Soon
14. Ice On the Road (taken on a trust)
15. Stained Mouth

Tracks: 15 Length: 42mins
Released: 1995
Recorded by: Jack Endino @ Megaphon Studios Sydney
Mixed by: Jamie Hutchings & Jack Endino @ Hanzek Audio Seattle WA




design: kirrily walker

painting: chad carey

hosting: allette systems