come across

01. Scouthall
02. Everything Begins And Ends At Exactly The Right Time
03. Something Tiny
04. Last Playboy In Town
05. Slow Train To A Comfy Jail
06. Can I Keep You?
07. So Slow
08. Sisters Head On
09. Cross Purpose
10. Crawling With Ants
11. Ministry Of Fear

Produced by Jamie Hutchings.

Recorded by Tim Whitten at megaphon + spacejunk + milkbar studios.

Mastered by Don Bartley at studio 301 winter 2003.

All songs written by Jamie Hutchings (cometothedarksidelukemusic/sony atv) except 'so slow' written by Jamie Hutchings/Scott Hutchings (sony atv/control).




design: kirrily walker

painting: chad carey

hosting: allette systems