a brief history...

a brief history

A version of Bluebottle Kiss appeared in '93 and in '94 a four piece line up released a cassette called 'Sonic Elevator Music For the Masses'. It wasn't til '95 though that they released their first album after being signed to Murmur records. The line up at this stage had settled to songwriter, vocalist and guitarist Jamie Hutchings, bassist and vocalist Ben Fletcher and drummer Peter Noble. There were three releases with this lineup: 'Higher up the Firetrails' (lp) a young loose and angsty debut, 'Double Yellow Tarred' (mini-lp) which still rates as one of the most intense and adventurous Australian releases of the '90's and their second album the sprawling and atmospheric 'Fear of Girls' which saw them team up with U.S producer Jack Endino.

By '97 the band had recruited new drummer Richard Coneliano. They recorded one more release for Murmur - 'Somnambulist Homesick Blues' which saw them receive intensive radio play for the first time with the leading track 'Generic Teen', the track also later made the top 20 best Australian songs of all time for national station jjj.

The band recorded another e.p in '98 for Troy Horse records - 'Tap Dancing on the Titanic' a more angular stripped back release, and saved enough money to fund their third album 'Patient'. This was released on Citadel records as well as an e.p 'Girl Genius' in '99. It was a sparse, heavy release perfectly capturing the band at their live peak as a three piece and again receiving plenty of airplay as well as solidifying the bands growing live fanbase.

Bluebottle Kiss were then picked up by US internet record label, Spin Records who provided the band with a lengthy US tour where they slugged it out for months. Spin later went broke, making the band label-less again, but the band spent late 2000 recording the "Revenge Is Slow" album, which saw a more melodic, baroque phycadelic pop feel to the band's sound. 2001 saw the inclusion of new bassist Ben Grounds, who joined Bluebottle Kiss from his Wollongong band Lariat. Original bassist Ben Fletcher moved to guitar expanding the band to a four piece.

'Revenge Is Slow' was eventually released on Nick Carr's new Nonzero label in '02 . The first single "Ounce Of Your Cruelty" was released both locally and the UK by the Sugarshack label. The album also saw a U.S release on 'In Music We Trust' records and 'Laughing Outlaw' in the u.k.

2001 saw bassist Ben Fletcher focus on his side project The Devoted Few, which also featured drummer Richard Coneliano. Fletcher and Hutchings then completed a two week tour of the u.k and Scotland as a duo in late 2002 shortly after drummer Richard Coneliano quit.

2003 saw the recruitment of new drummer Simon Fuhrer and the band returned to the studio to record their fifth full length 'Come Across'which was a more swinging, epic, narrative driven album. It was released late in '03 and was followed by a sold out Australian tour in early '04.

Fuhrer departed shortly after due to family commitments and was replaced by long term fan Jared Harrison. In late '04 Fletcher announced he was leaving to focus more on his outfit The Devoted Few. With the impending release of 'Come Across' on their u.s label the band again moved the lineup around with bassist Ben Grounds moving to his original first instrument the guitar and new bassist Ross Dickie being added. Bluebottle Kiss then returned to the u.s and u.k for a 25 date tour.

Having returned back to Australia in early '05 they are in the early pre-production stages of album number 6 as well as preparing to re-release their long out of print second album 'Fear of Girls'.


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